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So as you've seen, I've drawn some prehistoric beasts again, but I'll be slow, it won't be like during the years 2001-2005. Time has passed and I have many other things to do. I still have a big collection of drawings from that epoch I'll post now and then here. Well, let's see how DA will consider paleoart, always based on photos of skeletons or on various skeletals.

So some questions here:
- Is it worth it taking a print account and to sell prints through DA?
- If there was a problem, and otherwise having an alternative where to post art (and be in contact with artists, especially paleoartists), what's the best? Facebook is excluded. I don't wanna register there under my real name, and besides, Facebook looks to me like a toxic environment. So what are the alternatives? Blogspot? Tumblr? Other suggestions?

Cheers - Luka SCLAYENE.
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Some strange phenomenon just happened in Roche-à-Frème, Belgium: a hen laid eggs as usual some time ago, but one chicken is born with 3 claws at each wing. I'm thinking about telling geneticians about it, because it looks to me like a very rare case of reversed darwinism!

GODDAMNIT... The neightbors just told me right now: to be left in peace, they killed the chick and now it's in the soup!

You know, it's ol'Ardenne here. Too bad for scientific experiments!
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So, already two new pieces have been added to this paleontography gallery. I'm planning a larger illustration for late Fall based on some :iconscotthartman: 's skeletals. I have a job and other occupations outside artistic ones, so well, this gallery will be slow during this year.

I removed my real name from this gallery: my real name will be used only for my job and what's related to my job. I will now use "Luka Sclayène" as an artistic alias (really, just see it as an artistic alias), and I prefer now to be known that way as an artist, was it paleoart, fantasy or comics. However, to keep a sort of continuity, I will still sign my paleoart as "Aspidel", while waiting for a better choice.

I'm planning in mid September to meet an artistic collective group in Aubange, South Belgium, and maybe to join them for various artistic projects (I'd likely add a dinosaur or two there also).

Well, that's about it for now.
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...after all these years.
Still looking after some interesting critters to draw. Dinobirds, Triassic basal critters, things like that. And some wild Nature to go with it.

It seems the DML is about dead lately. The DinoData forum is gone. So I nwonder how to have some contacts with the young paleontologists - like the way I drew some sauropods (Gondwanatitan, Paralititan)... years ago. I know JP is far, far ago and dinomania is gone. But it seems the best paleontographists still stay, which is a very good thing.

Uh, also, what has to be left behind is left behind, no need to say more.
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If you wonder why this account is inactive lately, it's because I don't draw paleontography anymore currently.  Maybe one day I'll return, who knows...
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Yup, still some paleontography pieces once in a while. Computer fixed.
Anyway, next problem called format c:, I plan to install Linux. Do some of you have experiences with Linux?
Looks like I won't be able to scan further artwork due to comp problems. Boot system is down on my main comp, I work with a little portable comp right now. So no scanner.
Uh-oh. Well, first, many thanks to the new watchers, and to those who fav'ed my artwork, much appreciated.

Then, a while ago, :iconjconway: wrote an essay on paleontography, and how "paleoart" could be ambiguous, as it could apply to Lascaux caves as well. I tend to agree with him.

However, it'll be difficult to wipe out "paleoart". It's too widely spread.

Also, paleontography can also be seen as a special cluster in wildlife art, so why not speaking about "ancient wildlife art", as it's about illustration of ancient wildlife.

Also, paleontography is evolving. Some leave, some join, although the effects of JP and WWD is fading. Beside the traditional artists like Doug Henderson, John Sibbick, Todd Marshall, Raul Martin (who finally manages to build his own style), the digital artwork takes more and more place: Michael Kesey with his hyperrealistic photomanipulations, dustdevil, jconway with his schmick art deco style...

I tend also to agree with him to put originality in your artwork, to find your style, "your claw" I could say. In wildlife art you'll find many different styles, it can be the same in paleontography. Just try, even if it might seem weird at the beginning.

New artists come, new techniques, new ideas. That's rather a good thing.
Reopened it. I will start again to add fav's and watches, and to reply.

But I had delete my LJ during a while, due to who you know bringing old crap again.
Account closed temporarily to let things calm down. Also, game over.
I can advise dinosaur enthusiasts and amateur paleoartists to subscribe two friendly paleo-oriented message boards:
and Dinoforum, a European forum (but for the whole paleo world): - where the advantage is the existence of boards in French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portugese, Italian, Czech and Russian.
First, as I haven't visited this thing since a while... Already many thanks to the new watchers of my dinosaur stuff, and for the fav's and so and so.

Sooo... Yup, drawing some paleoart again. You might find some little pieces soon.
There's a reasonable explanation for that: I'm starting my comics, and it takes much time.
I'm back in :iconpaleoartists: with the sequences of Stan's skull, a good ref for artistic studies.

Ville, I still have the pic of my Allosaurus head you colourized, well, quite a while ago. If there's no problem for you, maybe I'll upload it back.
I've uploaded in the crap, uh, scraps, a doodle of an idea I had a while ago: a dinosaur-like character for my comics project.
Yeah, kinda furry/feathery whaterver stuff, but there's a scenario behind.
Read on a paleo forum, paleoart board, I won't tell you which one, but it shows the influence of American puritanism and religious fundamentalism everywhere:

"If you'd like to share your photographs or drawings, particularly those related to paleontology subjects, feel free to do so in here for comments and critique. Please abstain from posting art involving naked hominids (particularly Homo sapiens)."

So then a drawing like THIS:… is shocking and can hurt sensitive children's mind? Come on, this is stupid and pisses me off. I belong to no religion after all, so I don't care and tell what I gotta tell.

Rules like those is simply against exact anatomy. If prehistoric hominids were nekkid, we gotta represent them nekkid. With the scrotum also, or the nipples, cuz without them, THE DRAWING IS SIMPLY NOT ANATOMICALLY CORRECT.

Neanderthalians probably had clothes, so it's reasonable and correct to represent them with clothes, but well, you got my point.

Goddamn puritans! There would be less violence and less sexual deviance if nudity was treated like something NATURAL and not like a shameful taboo and a sin.

This ain't about erotism or pr0n, only about natural nudity.

I sometimes wonder if showing mating animals is allowed in family documentaries in USA. And soon they gotta put bra's on cow udders cuz OMG B00BS if they go on like this!

That was a rant from someone who belongs to no religion.
Nope I didn't came back in the Mesozoic forever, and nope no T.rex swallowed me.
Still alive, preparing a new Velociraptor piece, with Scott Hartmann's brand new reconstruction.
Yups, Crazy Orchids are invading DA. Fear them... Again. I suspect chasmosaur is for something in this botanic crap.
When you wanna submit a piece of artwork to DA you'll see a long "agreement" notice. Seems to me you're not the owner of your artwork anymore, everything can happen.

I strongly hesitate to submit artwork again here. In this case, I'd siply write a journal entry linking to the newly accepted piece on the Dinosaurucon once in a while, and that's all.

Any input?

1 week subscription gift.

Sat Apr 23, 2005, 2:55 AM
Oh yeah i've pretty understood.

The DevianTarte team just gives 1 week subscription as advertising to random deviants so they hope artists will get used with the features and will go on subscribing.

Nice try man!

Except I don't care, I only stay on DA for artists I like, or I'd have removed all my stuff already.

Can one expect in two years all those who don't have a subscription will be kicked off DA? Dunno, but in this case I'd leave. Except to comment some friends' stuff, I don't really need it, I have the Dinosauricon gallery already, where new features will probably added little by little.

BTW, dustdevil, like most French artist, can't log in his account since the latest maintenance. There's a weird bug apparently.

Well, I think it's the most obvious explanation of the thing.

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